Friday, June 26, 2015

Who took the fridge door?

Today was another of those blisteringly hot South Carolina days; the kind that saps your strength and has you racing for air conditioning. I had ideas of doing some painting or perhaps some work in the bathroom. As usual, that's not quite what happened.

The day started with a walk around the yard. My eye alighted on a fridge door which had me racing back to the bus for my tape measure. Quickly I measured the windows that I wanted to fill. It transpired that the fridge door would provide the perfect amount of sheet steel and with a very useful angle.

The fridge door was dragged by hand, 200 yards in the intense heat. That was quite enough and a break in the aur conditioning was called for.

Returning, I set to with my angle grinder and began to cut two sections for the windows. Cutting was pretty quick and easy though the cutting disks wore out pretty fast. This must be the downside of small disks.

It took about half an hour to roughly cut two window covers. Shaping them precisely took longer including several fitting sessions. Eventually they were both cut to the right size. This took quite a while due to the necessity for breaks indoors under air conditioning.

Eventually the steel was cut and fitted. The insulation was scraped off with an old chisel. Then it was time to paint the steel. There were rust marks on the fronts but those will be dealt with at a later stage. Right now I painted the backs to keep them rust free. It'll need a second coat, I'll have to treat and paint the fronts as well as smoothing the edges.

For the moment, the metal is stored under the bus while the paint dries. Apparently it's going to rain tonight!

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