Friday, June 19, 2015

Almost 50%?

Despite the oppressive heat. Inside the bus - it was 110 for a long time - I managed to complete both countertops. This means that aside from painting and screwing the countertops down, one side is almost completed.

The countertop needs a surface. That's going to be easy - vinyl floor tiles. The cabinet doors need hinges, handles and catches. The drawer needs a handle and a catch. Then there's painting.

A separate project for both sides of the bus at the end of the counter where a window has been replaced is to put up some cabinets but that's a project for later. I figure the dinette side can have a bookcase and the other side, the microwave and other kitchen gizmos.

This is the kitchenette side. As yet its all empty underneath. This will change. Because the end walls are not square, the end units will be cupboards. The far cupboard will house a mini fridge. I have a vague idea mini fridges are 17.5 x 20 x 15 but I'll allow 24 inches just in case. I can always put something beside the fridge like a bulk pack of toilet rolls. There will be two drawer units. I might make those separately then just screw them into place later. I'll have to plan the content of the drawers.

Ages ago I saw somebody had a nifty idea for storing crockery - they stored it in foam padded drawers. The plates were edge down. I'll try to emulate that and will have to leave enough room for willow pattern crockery. I like willow pattern and Royal Albert Country Roses. At the moment I just have a cheap Walmart set of crockery. It's as ugly as sin but does the job.

Because the walkway is now jammed with OSB and 2x4, I'll take a break from the kitchen and complete the bedroom sub partition. I also decided that my closet rail will be a chain suspended from the ceiling. Not only is it lighter than a rail but it also puts no stress on the partitions which are nowhere near as strong as my later partitions. Chain is easier to carry and install. Bonuses all way around!

After that, I'll do the front closet then the bathroom counter. The doors for the cabinets might as well all be the same. I used a 1x2 frame with hardboard screwed and glued to it.

I was hoping to have it all done by July but the schedule might slip if I can't get more done. Got to pray for lower temperatures!

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