Friday, June 5, 2015

Massive but insignificant

Today was a day that started with no real plan. I had a look at the side door lock but decided to do some woodwork instead after realizing it would be easier to start again with the lock installation. For that, buying some longer self drilling screws would help and that means a trip to the store.

Looking at the place where the kitchenette will go, I had to do a lot of picking up, sweeping and general debris removal. By the time I'd taken this photo, I'd installed the two visible cross members. Getting them horizontal and level with each other wasn't easy and involved both my tape measure and my set square (as it has a spirit level) and took an age.

Having installed those members, I installed one on the other (non visible) end. Then I started with the first of the two long members. Getting that trimmed to length with the circular saw and wedging it into place so that it was horizontal, at the right level and correctly oriented took a long time. When it was mounted, it was possible to see how warped it was. Still, that will either be fixed when I wedge in some cross members or won't matter because it'll be hidden by the countertop.

The next order of the day was to fill in under the seat rail. I've been filing in under the seat rails with Styrofoam then screwing OSB into place in front of it. It just means there's one less place for critters to hide. After that, I installed the final cross member, propping one end up in the right place as below.

Having got that end in roughly the right place, I propped the other end in exactly the right place and drilled through the cross members and into the beam then inserted two very big lagging screws.

Having secured that end, I repeated the process at the other end. The end result wasn't as perfect as I'd have liked but is perfectly acceptable. The next thing I did was to lift my weight on the beam. Yes... It will support 200lbs without the central supports that it will soon acquire.

The final result is a massive change from the old kitchenette but was an insignificant amount of work. It took me all day and I got more achieved today than for positively ages but then, the bus was a little cooler. The thermometer read just 99F (38C)! It was the usual work an hour, rest indoors for half an hour, rinse and repeat.

I'm now totally out of 2x4 and probably need to get more. I'm definitely nearing the end of internal construction, even though there's stuff left to finish all along the bus. The countertops will probably be OSB on the basis that I'm going to put vinyl on top anyway.

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