Thursday, April 23, 2015

Moving in.

Although the bus consists of a bedroom with no doors nor privacy film over the windows and though the toilet and shower barely exist; though the kitchen is largely theoretical and the dining area has yet to be imagined, I'm moving into my bus. I'm done with paying rent for a beige prison complex overrun at times by spiders and roaches. I am thankful for a companion that visits to clear up roaches and spiders for me. Unannounced, he visits occasionally and removes the corpses and the living.

Given that the bedroom has been designed to accommodate storage boxes and prefabricated plastic sets of drawers, here's the first photograph of the bedroom with things in it. Most things are nowhere near moved in yet but it can't be much longer. I'm assuming maybe another 3 or 4 trips in my SUV.

The landlord's secretary announced I had to pay to have the carpets cleaned and produce a receipt saying I had or I wouldn't get my deposit back. That doesn't sound particularly honest - especially since the carpet was stained and nasty when I moved in.

I'll be so glad not to have to pay rent on that hovel. Thank the lord that with a motorhome, I'm not stuck with rent like that!


  1. Your description of the beige prison cell feels like it came from my own mouth, just two days ago we left our cell. Same problems, even the carpet business, spiders, ants and fleas [no roaches but I imagine we are in different climates] Really enjoy going through your progress. Great blog!

    1. I've subsequently taken a job driving schoolbusses. Actually, I took it because of the free driver training. I found I love driving busses!

      Right now I'm looking st new driving batteries. $150 each for two!

      Since I started construction, I've gone away from electrical stuff. I'm making the bus pretty well electricity independent.