Friday, April 10, 2015

Color changes

Today I should have added the skirting board along the inside of the bus but instead chose to paint the bedroom and storage room with white undercoat/primer. This was achieved largely with a roller but my girlfriend's sister's boyfriend decided to lend a hand with a spray gun.

This is the view from the drivers seat to the back of the vehicle. It looks worse than it is. The bedroom and closet behind it take up half the length of the bus so a positive view is that I'm half way done.

The bedroom walls, floor and ceiling are now white as is the storage room. The storage room will remain white. The bedroom will be colored pink later.

This is the view from the bathroom area through the bedroom. Looking the other way it looks about the same. Given that (again viewing from the bathroom), the back looked like the following picture, I think I've done well this week.

I have a ton more to do though, including bedroom doors, skirting boards and bedroom furniture.

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