Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Busy week

This week I have off work so I have been very busy. I've built and completed the closet wall, installed a door lock, replaced two missing interior light covers with plexiglass cut from a sheet that was over a missing window that I replaced earlier.

My biggest problem thus far is heat exhaustion. I can only put in a few hours work before I'm exhausted. Sure, I go inside to cool down but even so, the heat burns up a lot of my time.

The plan was to finish all the walls today and do the skirting boards but the heat got me. Still, I'm doing well. The bedroom will be ready for move-in by the 20th.

The priority is the bedroom. In order to work on the bedroom, I had to finish laying the bathroom floor. That afforded the opportunity to secure the wall. The wall bottoms are ready but the tops are what I wasn't able to complete.

I don't know whether Google's photo spheres will work for everybody but here's a photo sphere from the bedroom.

The plan is to finish bedroom construction this week and paint the bedroom and closet with undercoat then paint the bedroom with topcoat. The white undercoat will be fine for the closet.

As far as bed and other construction are concerned, they were planned for this week but might get pushed back a little. The plan is still to move in on the 21st. That's two weeks from now!

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