Friday, April 24, 2015

A small but significant step

Today after loading my SUV with my folding bedframe, mattress, desk and a small chest of drawers, I loaded the mattress into my bus.

This may be a small step but this mattress is where I sleep. I have used this mattress for 3 years so far. This is a move loaded with significance as it marks the movement of my permanent base from a rented hovel to my motorhome.

Although there's lots of construction left to do on my motorhome, it should go faster since I'm now living with my motorhome rather than living in my hovel and visiting it at weekends. There's also a financial advantage in that I'm not now paying rent and my job will have no pasid hours from mid June until September as I work with the school district.

This is the turning point where my dream begins to become reality.

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