Thursday, April 9, 2015


Today I did a spot of painting - just for a change. I have both end walls for the bedroom complete though as yet there are no doors. I did go to the store with the bus to buy supplies. While I was there, since I've been doing the partitions as 57 inch chunks plus a top, I had the OSB pre-cut to 57 inches and a remainder of probably 3 -4 feet that I can use as partition tops.

The painting was hard work even with a roller so tomorrow, if the spray bottle can be located then I might have a go at spraying the OSB. It certainly seemed to soak up paint!

I haven't yet completed the skirting board but was anxious to feel as though I'd done a lot. I'm behind schedule due to the heat. No box bed and no desk. No wardrobe either. I'm going yo have to really crack on with this and I haven't been idle.

The heat here is vicious. Once I get hot, it takes 3 times longer to cool down. At these temperatures, heat exhaustion is something I regularly get. Beyond heat exhaustion is heat stroke, which I don't want to get.

Tomorrow the plan is to complete the skirting board and paint. Maybe I might fill some crevices at the same time.

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