Monday, April 27, 2015

Its official

I no longer live in Roachville. Yesterday I cleaned and vacuumed my apartment before leaving it for almost the last time. The vacuum was one of those horrid Bissel things. Half way through cleaning, it started tossing big balls of fluff out the back and puffs of dust out the front. Fiddling with it and cleaning out the blockage produced no improved results and being in no mood to mess about, or indeed be messed about by a piece of what was clearly cheap junk, it was hurled with a very satisfying crash into the skip outside. Then it was a case of mopping the vinyl floors and mopping. Even mopping was not straightforward because even the mop broke! I was right enough about cleaning though - a single person living alone does not make much mess. Indeed, this was the first cleaning since March of 2012.

Now I am totally moved into my bus so now starts the process of changing all the addresses on official documents etc. I was exhausted yesterday but not too exhausted to commence construction of my new bedroom door.

Having had somewhat of a false start with 1x2 which was not strong enough nor straight enough (thanks for more warped wood, Lowes), I switched to 2x2 and that was going well until the light failed me. Drat that miserable orbital rotation that removes the light every night!

The plan is to complete that door and build the other bedroom door this week then the partition wall in the bedroom and the desk before erecting the closet rail. Now the closet rail is 9 feet long and Lowes longest is 8 feet. There is, however some galvanized piping that will do the job at a third of the cost. I'll just have to paint it.

Once the bedroom is done, the next stage is to complete the bathroom then the kitchen & dining area.

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