Saturday, May 2, 2015

Call the men in white coats!

Last weekend I had an abortive attempt at building a bedroom door. Then I built the basic frame of the door, while it was in the door frame. Needless to say it wasn't greatly successful. I've lost count of the number of times I've hung and rehung the door while trying to make it fit.

As I've said many times before, most carpenters would wet themselves watching me build things and get them right or wrong and trying to redo them the correct way. This bus is nothing if not a learning process. Of course, if I ever build another bus conversion, I'm pretty sure by then I will have forgotten how I did this one and won't be able to apply the lessons I am learning

The rule with doors seems to be to measure the space, build them then hang them. This build it in situ idea isn't really working even though the top can only be fitted in situ due to the curvature of the ceiling requiring the top to be shaped precisely to fit that curve.

Yesterday I went on a shopping trip to buy more 2x4 from Lowes. I bought enough for one full partition. Today as my lady wanted to go shopping, I paused at Lowes and bought 4 more pieces of 2x4. All the 2x4 is wet which means I will have to wait until next week before it is dry enough to use. This leaves me with Saturday and Sunday to build the two doors that I need. I have just enough dry 2x2 and hardboard to do that.

Today was not a great success. I will have to rehang the door yet again. The wall it hangs from seems not to be perpendicular so the door scrapes the floor when it opens. I tried sanding a bit off the bottom but that was not enough. I'd stood the door on a piece of 1/8 metal to ensure it swung easily. Clearly that was not sufficient. Tomorrow I will re-hang the door with 1/4 inch clearance. This will mean trimming the left upright slightly at the top but that's OK as it's not really supporting anything.

What I can say is this: The other doors are going to be far better built and better hung. I have only ever hung one door before and that was in a house. As I recall, I propped the door up on a one inch plank. As luck would have it, I fitted the lock so precisely that the door never rattled.

All these problems are enough to turn me to drink! Call the men in white coats!

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