Saturday, May 23, 2015

Fighting heat exhaustion

Its been a few days since I posted. On a daily basis, not much has happened but over the period, a lot has been accomplished.

On Thursday I secured the two uprights in place that are shown, after trimming one a little and shuffling them around a bit. Then I cut a sheet of OSB roughly to shape to form the right hand lower.

On Friday, I finished trimming the OSB and fastened it into place and attached a top cross member. At some point I'd started to make a top for the drivers side partition but hadn't fitted it.

Today, Saturday, was a horribly hot day. I kept getting headaches and starting to feel unsteady which was my cue to down tools and head into the house to cool off. It took maybe 30 minutes to get that way and an hour to recover.

Needless to say, I didn't accomplish as much as I would have liked and some of the workmanship is far from perfect but progress has really ripped along since the last photo.

Having done all that, I shifted stuff around in what will be the dining area. My plan is to have a cabinet along the wall with a hinged flap that functions as a table. The plan was to start work on it but I felt exhausted. Instead I turned to making the mounting plates to install a lock on the second emergency exit. That will mean I can enter through either of the exits instead of just the one. My bicycle lock that keeps the one exit locked can be retired.

One of the messiest things I did today was to tidy up the edges of the OSB where it attaches to the doorframe. For this I used a sander and filled the bus with plumes of dust. Thank heavens I had the foresight to install a bedroom door and close it!

I'm sure Merry Maids would have a heart attack! Its going to take quite some cleaning to tidy that lot up. Its another task for me but no point in starting until the dusty parts of construction are over.

The next stage will be to build the dinette though I'll pause that until I finish adding the lock to the emergency exit. Part way through construction of the dinette, I'll have to paint the dinette area. While I'm doing that, I'll paint the bedroom doors since one has never been hung and the other is only temporarily hung.

Another thing (yes I was a busy little bee today) was to check on the hazard lights. I checked all over and eventually did find a hazard lamp switch. I tried it and it worked. Kinda! It turned on but not off. To turn it off, I had to whack it! Obviously it joins the list of things electrical that need fixing.

The electrical plan is... Replace the right wiper motor which seems to have seized, replace the left fan which seized, replace the left wiper switch which is broken (it turns the wipers on but needs to be whacked to turn them off), fix the reversing horn, fix the rev counter (which works intermittently), replace the alternator belt, finish wiring in the CB unit and wire the amber flashers so they'll work as indicator repeaters. The rear red flashers will become brake repeaters and the front reds will gain white lenses and will become flood lights.

And just before I dive into the soft arms of sleep, I'll show a photo of current progress as viewed from the front of the bus.

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