Saturday, May 30, 2015

Cor! What a sizzler!

Today, what with the heat and a brief trip to the store for more brackets and some paint swatches, I didn't do as much as I'd have liked. Of course, I never do as much as I want to. The heat just saps my strength so badly.

I cannot imagine what the British redcoats must have thought when they landed. Here is a land of mosquitoes, swamps, alligators, crocodiles, venomous snakes and spiders, and toxic vegetation. Then the ever present and sapping summer heat. They must have considered this to be the gates to Hell. Between April and September, little can be achieved outside but I'm pressing on, doing as much as I physically can.

The goal today was to work on the dinette. It transpired that after a brief rethink, the section next to the shower would have a kneehole and would be my dining/desk area. This arrangement allows the back of the shower wall to have ventilation in the unlikely event that it gets wet.

As I did a lit of visualizing, I didn't do all that I wanted. I did put up the skeleton of the under desk partition between the knee hole and the next partition that will house a document fire safe. I've outlined where the next partition will be and found there's space above the document fire safe for a drawer.

On the other side of the drawer will be a plain Jane cabinet. Above the cabinet will be a bookshelf. There's a good reason my dining table looks outside - so I don't have to look at dirty dishes. It'll be quite reminiscent of the desk setup I had in my rented hovel.

Tomorrow, all being well, I should complete the second partition and maybe put skins on the partitions. The drawer might have to wait until I have some plywood. Somehow, I don't think OSB would be a good choice. The bookcase might have to wait until Thursday.

Once the bookcase is done, I'll be able to paint the dinette side of the bus. The plan is for brilliant white inside the cabinets and on the floor. The countertop will probably get woodgrain vinyl floor tiles and everything else will probably be lilac or green.

The kitchenette should be easier as I've already been there with the dinette. The only difference will be that the kitchenette will have far more drawers.

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