Saturday, May 16, 2015

From November the first until today

Today I finally reached the front of the bus! Sure, there are little bits I have to return to but at the moment I'm conquering partitions.

The workbench as stated before will have to be replaced. My new construction methodology is much more solid. Mind, that bench was hastily erected to appease State Farm who then wanted ever more appeasement then shot me the bird when I couldn't do the impossible.

The front partition as shown needs a bracing beam at the bottom and a curved top. I'm getting quite adept at those now! Indeed, I completed one today for the previous partition. Mostly it was a case of a series of straight cuts followed by sanding. Quite simple to do though it looks fiendish!

Tomorrow's task is to cut the top for the partition and the bracing beam. After that I could either build a new worktop which would use most of my 2x4 and would give me something to work from or I could skip the bracing beam and build the basic skeleton for the final partition. I'm pretty sure to run out of 2x4 so it might be worthwhile to take a trip to get more tomorrow given that it takes a week or two for the stuff to dry properly. There are advantages both ways!

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