Sunday, May 3, 2015

The mysterious absence of the strange glowing orb

Today I fought the good fight and prevailed. The door was swiftly hung having had an inch chopped off the top and a piece of hardboard nailed on. After that, attaching the hinges, a doorhandle and a spring door latch.

Having hung the first door satisfactorily, I got ambitious and started the second bedroom door. I didn't manage to complete it due to the strange glowing orb in the sky choosing to leave me in the dark,

Tidying up, I realized that to be 100% complete, the bedroom only needs the second door to be completed, both doors to be painted, the closet rail to be installed and a shelf desk plus a sub partition. There will be a bit more paint needed but the bus will be 50% completed then.

The shower and toilet need the least actual construction. They follow the bedroom. The kitchen is already partly constructed. The dining area has yet to be designed but I'm leaning toward a cabinet with a fold out top that can be used as a table and some permanently mounted stools.

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