Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Journey to the front

I have reached the front of the bus. It has been a long journey - all 24 feet of it!

The two uprights on the right are secured in place. The old front seat back has been eliminated and I'm all set to put 3 cross members and the OSB facing on the right hand partition.

I started to cut the curve for the top of the other partition the other day and it didn't go well so I'll do what I did before and do all the remaining tops as a batch. This means that I have to do the bedroom sub partition as well.

The doors will be installed next. For the bathroom-dinette door, I'm going Wild West and will put batwing doors, just for fun. Aside from being a motorhome for me its also pretty much of a man cave. Its almost tempting to have a Flintstones moitif somewhere!

I'm anticipating completing the partitions and doors before the end of Memorial Day (5 days hence). I'm hoping I don't get the same problems I was getting today though! I picked up a cordless drill, drilled 8 holes and inserted 8 screws then the battery died. I picked up the other cordless drill and attempted to drill 4 more holes and half way through the second, the battery died! I turned to a power drill but I think it might have stripped the thread on one of the screws. I'll have to check in daylight with a manual screwdriver.

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