Q. How much did this cost?
A. $4,200 for the bus. The rest, I'm not yet sure.

Q. Do you have a Facebook page?
A. No. Facebook closed my page, blocked access to my photos and refuses to allow me access unless I send them a copy of my drivers license. That's not going to happen!

Q. Who are you?
A. Just an ordinary human.

Q. What do you do for work?
A. Usually, admin/clerical/office management.

Q. Where are you?
A. Somewhere out in the wilds of South Carolina.

Q. Why did you start this project?
A. So that I could have somewhere to live and call my own.

Q. What permits are needed?
A. Just an ordinary drivers license for anything under 26,000lbs.

Q. Where did you find out how to do this?
A. I worked it out as I'm going along.

Q. What prompted you to start this?
A. I was tired of paying rent to a slum lord.

Q. What would you do differently next time?
A. Hah! That's a long list. Basically, spend less by using curtains as partitions.

Q. When will your project be complete?
A. How long is a piece of string?

Q. Why does your blog have so many out of place words and misspellings?
A. Google autocorrect has an amazing capacity to change words in the middle of a sentence with no logic. The same for the spellings. Today I typed "fuse" in a sentence about fuss boxes and Google corrected it to be "fuss". It also corrected " try" to "sure". I'm not sure whose side autocorrect is on!

Q. What other websites and forums do you recommend?
A. None. Websites change like the wind. Forums are not in the slightest useful being largely filled by trolls and fanboys. In the words of an esteemed former colleague: forums contain minimal technical information, waste maximum time and create a lot of noise. I recommend not joining any forums or groups. If you can't do it on your own, should you be doing it?

Q. How do we contact you?
A. Use the blog comments form. That'll usually get to me pretty quickly.

Q. Why do you no longer use Twitter?
A. Two reasons. 1. Nobody seems to use Twitter as anything other than a broadcast (spam) medium and nobody ever responded to my tweets. 2. Twitter seems to be under the control of Islamic extremists.