Friday, April 3, 2015

A whole day

It has taken a whole day of hard labor and I'm not finished yet. I'm putting a key lock on the rear emergency exit on my bus. It takes a key outside and has a knob inside.

I don't have a workshop or a vice. Thus I'm doing my best with a power drill and an angle grinder.

The door is slimmer than the portal which meant building up the thickness with some spare aluminum. The aluminum was attached to the door with rivnuts.

I cut the hole in the outer skin of the door with a hole saw. The hole saw disintegrated as soon as I'd got through the outer skin. Thus the inner skin had a square hole cut with my angle grinder.

Before I'd cut the square hole, I'd drilled a few holes for screws and the lock activation bar. Being somewhat unused to installing locks, I'd got the lock and keyhole misaligned.

Starting afresh with a new piece of aluminum, I cut the new square hole and drilled holes for the rivnut screws. By this time, the light had gone so I didn't have a chance to re mount the lock or to re mount the receiver. Oh well, a lock that took 2 days to install! Mind, having to streak to the store for parts didn't help.

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