Sunday, June 14, 2015

120°F or 49°C - Holy Hell!

Let's just say that today was well nigh impossibly hot. In short all I achieved was to glue the planks for the bottom of my drawer together and to fill two of the remaining 21 holes in the sides of the bus.

This is an example of the two holes I filled. They were huge. Somebody had bored two inch diameter holes in the side of the bus. Anyway to cut a long story short (hooray) I put Great Stuff foam filler into both holes. Then I cut pieces of aluminum for each hole. I drilled 4 holes in the aluminum and drilled a single hole in the bodywork to correspond to the top right rivet hole. Next I applied silicone goop to the hole and riveted the first hole. After that, I drilled the other holes and riveted the patch down. Some other patches I put more rivets but I'm not strictly sure it is needed.

Looking back at the first image, you'll notice yellow paint. This is because I simply taped over the holes and painted, leaving them to deal with later. Later is now! It's too hot to work inside the bus so I'm working outside.

After wiping away surplus silicone goop and waiting for it to dry, I sprayed the patch. It'll need a second coat but its done for now. Tomorrow I'll probably paint both patches and maybe work on some of the other 19 holes.

The hillbillies really liked their hole saw!

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