Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The old Chinese curse

The old Chinese curse was "May you live in interesting times". Around me, things are definitely getting interesting. Thus, the bus project is getting ever more relevant. With recent events in South Carolina, tension could definitely rise.

As far as work on the bus, today, there wasn't much done. I put some great stuff behind my kitchen counter to seal gaps and reduce vibration. Then I had a go at sharpening the broken drill bit. Sadly, as I lack skill in that area, it didn't improve matters much. I cut a couple more pieces of aluminum to go over two holes on the other side of the bus but lacking the drill bit, could not drill rivet holes.

Thus, I headed out to get a drill bit and while I was out I picked up a new shower base. This is black rubber and cost just $19 from Tractor Supply. I suspect it's some kind of feed trough or something but it looks sturdy. Tractor Supply had drill bits and I got a 1/4 inch replacement drill bit but forgot to get a carbide 1/8 inch bit. Oh well, another day.

While I was at Tractor Supply, I looked at their batteries. They had quite some selection, including some deep cycle batteries. Right now I'm somewhat confused about batteries. I hear that I need deep cycle batteries. I can understand that but then I read people writing that some deep cycle batteries aren't. Then I read that some deep cycle batteries with 12 month warranties won't last much more. It's so hard to separate truth from nonsense when you're a beginner.

At $90 for a 108AH battery. It has promise. Given that actual facts available on how deeply a deep cycle battery can be discharged are somewhat rarer than hens teeth, its somewhat hard to know how much promise. Some sites say 80%, some say 45% - its the internet being its usual factually inaccurate self again.

Assuming 80% which seems reasonable, that means a 108ah battery can be used for about 80ah or 1 amp for 80 hours or 80 amps in one hour. My 900 watt microwave that takes an inordinate 10 minutes to cook anything would probably consume about 6ah per hour or about 1ah per use. Based on 3 meals daily, I could use the battery for almost a month between charges. That pretty much makes a mockery of everything I've read on "forums" and "groups". Of course with the wildly contradictory stuff I've read, it all boils down to sucking it and seeing. I have to be my own Guinea pig!

As I said, its all getting quite interesting.

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