Saturday, June 20, 2015

Changes reigned supreme

With the intention of building the sub partition in the bedroom, I cut two pieces of 2x4. When it came time to do a trial fitting, one piece couldn't be fitted because the site upon which it would be mounted was taken up by a bracket fastened to one leg of the bed. That was awkward enough to make me pause the project pending further thought.

Thinking in 108F is not an easy task so instead I concentrated on building the partitions for the drawers underneath the kitchen counter. I built the first partition broadside which means I lose a couple of potential inches of drawer space. Thinking about it though, being broadside does add to structural integrity. That's important if there's a collision as I don't want everything collapsing like a pack of cards.

As you can see, my carpentry is pretty rudimentary. My joints are good though. I've been using big screws rather than brackets. For the drawers, I'll probably be using more glue. Speaking of drawers, my last drawer was pretty heavy. The plan going forward is to make them lighter.

I had to work in 30 minute bursts today. Sweat was dripping on the ground, on my work and running in my eyes. That was quite unpleasant. Of course, later, when it cooled off, I was bring eaten alive by mosquitoes!

Tomorrow's plan is to complete the drawer partitions and possibly build some drawers. I measured my cutlery tray carefully in order to make a drawer that can accommodate it. I feel now that was pointless as the drawer itself should be partitioned rather than relying upon a partition insert. Two drawers will be deeper as they will be for plates inserted edgewise into foam padding.

Before I make any drawers though, the whole kitchen and dining area needs to be painted.

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