Monday, June 22, 2015

Rain stops play

Another scorching hot day loomed. I put off going out to work in the bus as long as possible then braved the heat. The first trip out, I forgot the power drill but I found some of the wood I'd cut yesterday needed finer fitting so that's what I did.

The next trip I remembered the power drill. After a bit of adjusting, drilling and screwing, I'd got most of the center partition for the drawers done when the sky began to darken. I carried on in the mounting gloom until with thunder crashing and rain hammering down, it was too dark.

Returning to the bus I screwed the center partition to the floor (mostly). There were two bolts that just would not go in or rather, the drill wouldn't penetrate after self drilling screws decided to go sideways. There's something amiss under that plywood floor and I'm beginning to regret not ripping up all the plywood. Still, I can always add another bracket in another place - they're not exactly hard to obtain.

Having get as far as I could, somebody suggested a carbide bit. I might get one. While I was there I looked at the drawer slides I'd been given. I seem to have slides for two complete drawers and half the slides needed for two different sized drawers. Interesting! Clearly I need more slides.

The plan is to install three drawers on one side and three or four on the other. Having also today looked at Eric's blog, I noticed he has a nice glass washing basin that stood on top of his countertop. Interesting and I'll have to think about it! It's an idea.

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  1. There's a couple of downsides to these basin sinks.
    Firstly, they are very heavy and you don't need that in a mobile home. More weight = more fuel consumption.
    Secondly, as they sit on top of the counter, you need to lower the counter by 150mm so that the sink stays at the optimal height. That then eats into the storage space.
    Look for an acrylic sink or even an aluminium sink because of the weight issues. Or even invest a sink out of a plastic washing-up bowl.