Sunday, June 7, 2015

Incremental change

Today I looked at the 8x4 hardboard I bought yesterday and how it was pretty much blocking the entire dining area and decided it would be better dissected into appropriately sized portions. When I bought it, yesterday, I wanted to buy some 2x2 to go with it to make my doors. Sadly Lowes had but 5 pieces of 2x2 in stock. One was broken in two, one was bent like a banana and the others were in even worse condition. Basically, firewood.

I took the hardboard outside and marked it out whereupon thunder rolled. Spots of rain began to fall. Hurriedly I cut the hardboard and whisked it into the bus. My trusty thermometer read 64% humidity and 90F. It was very hard to work today.

My next task would have been to place extra supports under the kitchenette counter but seeing how the 2x4 I bought yesterday from Lowes was still very wet, I stuck with doing other things. I'll use the 2x4 when it has dried out a bit more. That might take a few days!

Looking at the old countertop, I decided to remove the sink. I have a single sink unit and it is quite small. Its destination will probably be the bathroom, in front of the toilet. For drinking water and washing up water, I see no problem with taking a jug of water from the bathroom to the kitchen since the kitchen is just 5 paces away from the bathroom!

Once I'd trimmed the old kitchenette countertop to fit half of the new kitchenette, I turned to the dinette. By now you'll be wondering why half a countertop. The answer is simple! Because neither of the partitions is truly 90° from the walls, its simpler to cut a counter that has a join in the middle than to cut a counter that has different angles at each end.

The dinette had all my supplies piled up on it. These were transferred to the kitchenette. Then I cut the two dividers to go under the dinette and put a sheet of OSB up as a top. That will be trimmed to fit at a later stage.

As of now, I have half a sheet of OSB remaining. Clearly a trip to Lowes is in the near future. I need more 2x2 and possibly two more sheets of OSB.

For now, here's a look at my dinette countertop. As ever, I make less progress than I'd like but the interior construction is getting closer to completion. I can't wait!

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