Monday, June 29, 2015

Massive strides, bigger than the small step!

Today was a continuation of yesterday. I completed the cutting, shaping and installation of the metal sheeting on both sides of the bus. I'll have to do another two, smaller sheets on the other side of the partition. I also completed the last piece of the infilling under the seat rail in the bathroom.

Again I wore out a cutting disk on my angle grinder. With luck, I won't have to buy more cutting wheels but knowing me, I probably will. They're not expensive but it costs probably about as much in fuel to drive to the store to get them as they cost.

I filled in the large gap where the bathroom wall doesn't quite meet the support. I partly did that yesterday with the quarter round. Today I filled in from the other side with wood filler. Now it looks far better.

Painting is a task that's coming up. The aisle is filled with lumber so I sat and had a little think. Then I went to the bedroom and studied where I want the end partition and desk. Looking at it, putting a solid partition will be nothing short of awkward. Thus I'm now thinking of installing a fairly lightweight desk. I won't be able to sit on the desk! I'll also install a curtain. This will have the advantage that I'll be able to put my phone down on the desk and pick it up from the desk without getting out of bed! Thinking further, the partition could well be a bead curtain.

Studying the wood problem further, I realised that I need to build the toilet and handbasin mount. Those can both be built using 2x2 and OSB. No need for ultimate strength. I had some surplus 2x4 taking up space so I started work on the front closet. That'll use up most of my surplus OSB and 2x4. That should give me room to paint!

After the closet is done and the bedroom desk, it'll be time to paint and do the bathroom. There is a plan for extra cupboards in the kitchenette/dinette but I think that the focus is now on getting the bus ready to register as a motorhome. Extra cupboards can be added later!

Once the second set of metal sheets are installed, I'll have to inject foam insulation. Believe it or not but I'm out of great stuff again! I'm out of Styrofoam but I have enough bits to make a reduction in the great stuff I'll need to inject.

I had a go at installing the catch on the cockpit door. Massive fail! My 1/2 inch drill was too small! I remeasured the lock with a micrometer and its 16.2mm. That's somewhere between 1/2 and 3/4 inch. I'll have to get a bigger drill bit.

Tomorrow will probably be a lost day because I should be doing my voluntary work. It's a crack of dawn start. I might couple it with a trip to harbor Freight. It's so nice to finally feel I'm getting somewhere!

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