Sunday, June 21, 2015

Heat exhaustion strikes!

Working inside the bus in 30 minute sprints was all I could manage today. The amount of work completed was truly pitiful. The temperature inside was 117F in the dinette/kitchenette and 120.5F in the bedroom.

I would have shown a photo of the bedroom thermometer but for some obscure and unknown reason, my flash photos are coming out underexposed. Heaven knows what's going on there. I suspect the latest camera update isn't that great.

Anyway, I plugged on and installed the far partition under the kitchenette. It needs an OSB filler but that can wait til later. The only problem was one of the self drilling screws refused to go through the floor as did my carbide drill bit. That was annoying but not insurmountable. As there's a second bolt screwing that bracket down I wasn't that bothered.

At various times, sweat drilled noisily on the ground and on my work as well as running into and stinging my eyes. By the end of the day I truly stank like a hog's armpit! Despite working only for 30 minutes at a time and drinking copious quantities of fluids, I ended the day exhausted with a raging headache.

The sum total achieved was fitting three pieces of wood in exactly the right places and cutting two more and positioning them roughly, ready for tomorrow.

After fitting the wood tomorrow, the way is clear for sweeping the dinette and kitchenette thoroughly. I'll have to put some foam sealant in behind the kitchenette and trim it but that's nothing much. After that, I have to paint the whole of the kitchenette/dinette with primer. Then topcoat under the units since it won't be easy to get in there again.

Little by little, everything is coming together. The heat makes work terribly slow.

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