Sunday, June 28, 2015

Getting toward painting

Lots of little jobs today. Nothing that in itself is in any way remarkable but it all goes together toward the ultimate goal. The photo shows the most visual achievement of the day.

In order, I painted one side of both the sheets of metal cut yesterday with a second coat of paint. While that was drying I cut and glued some quarter round in place where there were slight gaps in my woodwork.

Having completed the gluing, I painted the other side of the sheets of metal after removing rust spots with a wire brush in a pistol drill. That took a while. I located my Styrofoam board and moved a few things around inside the bus in order to facilitate work. The Styrofoam was cut and placed in the bathroom, under the seat rail. Then a piece of OSB was cut to go over the foam and screwed to the seat rail.

The remainder of the foam was cut and placed as shown in the picture, in the bay where a window had been replaced. That'll make a huge difference since the back of the metal was scaldingly hot. After that, I tried the left hand sheet of metal and found it needed trimming. Oops I trimmed a bit much off but fastened correctly, it wont notice!

Having cut the metal, I had to paint the cut edge. In order to prevent rust. Only one sheet has been trimmed to size. The other will be trimmed later, based on the learning experience from this sheet.

Another thing I did was to trim some of the overspill of my Great Stuff foam insulation. Tomorrow I'm going to work more though I'm not sure yet what I'll be doing but clearly the end of construction is getting ever closer. I can't wait to be able to get the bus reclassified as a motorhome.

The big stumbling blocks are electricity and water. There's no reason why electricity can't be provided solely via a $100 Harbor Freight generator. There's no reason why water can't be a 7 gallon jug with a faucet or even a 3 gallon jug with a faucet. There's no reason why a cold box cannot be a foam box filled with ice. The toilet will have to be rebuilt but that's not hard. Of course once I'm a bona fide motorhome, I can change things at will.

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