Friday, June 12, 2015

Today's accomplishments look impressive

I started out with the idea of converting a space in the bathroom into a wash stand. Well, that was the theory. I got as far as putting insulation under the seat rail and OSB on the face of the seat rail. That was only after I did other things...

The first thing was to look at the wood I left out last night. It was lighter and drier but not right yet. I left it out all day, turning it every few hours. By the end of the day it was definitely feeling drier. Its not there yet though. As its going to be exceptionally hot for the next 3 days, I'll leave it out. If its not dry after 3 days of 110f (43.3c) then it never will be!

Before I knocked off for the night, I test mounted two wooden bars upon which I will mount drawer runners in my dinette. That went well enough so maybe tomorrow I'll be building a drawer.

Most of the day though was spent turning the 2x2 that I sanded clear of mold yesterday into a door. Sadly I had a casualty - my last 1/16 drill bit committed suicide. I'll soldier on with my 1/8 drill for the moment.

The door actually put up very little resistance. It went together beautifully though I ran out of T brackets and had to use L brackets instead. There's a little spring on the door that causes it to open due to the 2x2 being warped. Clearly the ball latch won't do. I'll have to install something stronger.

And there it is - the completed door, of which I am rather proud. I sat on my dinette and admired my handiwork for quite a while. The list of things needing to be done is ever reducing.

And tomorrow? I'm not sure what I'll do. I could work on the bedroom sub partition that I started today, I could work on the bathroom wash stand, I could work on a drawer, I could paint the outside where I missed painting or I could work on filling the 21 remaining holes in the outside of the body that are currently just taped over. You'll just have to wait to read the next exciting installment of the bus blog.

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