Saturday, June 6, 2015

The bus shook!

Today I added 3 cross members to the kitchenette while deciding whether there should be a sink, whether the bathroom sink would be sufficient and whether the bathroom really needed a sink. Then I mused over where to put things.

The upshot was that input my 3 cross members. They will support the countertop more but crucially, they counteract the bowing of the 2x4. The sink from the old installation will be reused though I'm not sure I'll have much use for the faucet. My water plans involve water being pumped on demand via a pushbutton.

I looked into recycling the old kitchenette countertop and still have not reached a decision on that. I did think that I should build a set of drawers that's free standing that I can just slip under the counter and screw into place. That makes construction and painting that much easier.

Speaking of painting, today I put a first coat on both the bedroom doors. They look pretty good now, even without a top coat.

For the first time in a couple of weeks, I went to Lowes. I had ideas of building a front door for the cockpit - dining area doorway. To this end I got another sheet of hardboard. Its an interior door - it doesn't have to be super strong! Then I went to look for some 2x2. Oh boy! My local Lowes had half a dozen pieces left that looked more fit for firewood. Huge knots mussing from the edges and highly warped. Clearly they'd sold out!

I have some 2x4 recycled from my old kitchenette - the one that wobbled. Sadly, its not long enough for a door. It is long enough to use toward the sub partition in the bedroom which might be the next step.

Speaking of wobbly, I grabbed my kitchenette and tried to shake it vigorously. The only thing that shook was the bus. I'm happy with my construction!

Aside from putting in my countertops and under counter partitions, the kitchen\dinette is nearing completion. That will be a time for great celebration! I can't wait.

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