Saturday, July 11, 2015

Virgin Exit

Glancing around my bus, I noticed the sign above the side exit. That had me wondering what manner of schools they have in Tennessee. Perhaps I'm better off just not knowing...

Today I looked at yesterday's work and found I'd inadvertently bolted the leg of the vanity to the floor in the wrong place. I spent quite a while getting it better situated. It's not perfect but its not visibly wrong now.

I know exactly why I got it wrong. Heat exhaustion had set in yesterday. I really, really cannot cope with the ludicrous heat in South Carolina. If I had to spend more thgan 30 minutes working in it, I'd be dead and thats a fact! It takes longer to cool down than it does to get hot.

Anyway, the leg was adjusted satisfactorily and a side cut from my remaining OSB to fill in the side of the vanity. The original top from the original kitchenette I built came in very handy as the top of the vanity. This, by the way, is the only sink in the bus.

Yesterday I looked online at flushing camp toilets, thinking I could out my grey water into the tank and use it twice. It seems most have a leakage problem. That and the $70 price tag had me thinking more about a $8 sheet of OSB, a couple of pieces of $3 2x2, some screws and brackets. I also thought about the problem with ordinary house toilets that seem to block all the time. Dry toilets are so much more hygienic!

Anyway, I worked more on the vanity and ended up with this. I'm probably not going to put a door on the front. I might put a lip to stop things sliding out but as all it will hold is toilet rolls and initially a waste water tank, it doesn't really need a door.

Well, my OSB supplies are dwindling as are all my supplies. I noticed one OSB offcut that would do very nicely as a desk/table in the bedroom. I have a feeling that's where its going to end up. Whether I have sufficient OSB to build my toilet, I'm not yet sure. One thing is certain though and that is that construction is rapidly approaching conclusion. Plumbing will initially be very simple, as will electricity but those are things that can be built up at leisure. I can see my sending off to get the bus registered as a motorhome soon!

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