Monday, July 6, 2015

The Easter Bunny went postal!

The day dawned as most days do. The sun scrambled over the horizon and Sleepyheads like me slithered out of bed, colliding with the floor or reality - whichever came first.

Being somewhat lucky to have most of the summer free, I'm making the most of it to work on my bus. Today, the aim was to paint the dinette\kitchenette. Thus, I started painting. After very little time, sweat was pouring in my eyes and dripping onto the floor.

The paint dyes weren't particularly well mixed into the paint and the tin being as full as it was, stirring was not quick nor easy. The paint went on well enough with very few drips.
Despite looking streaky, the paint dried uniformly. There are areas that need a second coat but that'll have to wait for another day.

Having painted, I started work on building the front closet. For the first time, I used rivets inside the bus, securing one vertical in place. Normally I would just use self drilling screws but this column has to support the handrail. Thus its extra decure because some people might need to use that handrail!

Another thing I did was to cut wood for the drawer runners. After that, I was too exhausted with the heat to do more. This is despite taking breaks. The summer heat is more of a killer than the Confederate flag!

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