Sunday, July 12, 2015

The honey pot

Yes, I've been building a honey pot for my motorhome. For those with long memories, I did build one before but ended up not using it. That was built from 2x2 timber.

After a little visualising this morning, I decided to head out for supplies. As it turned out, I needed some 2x4. I just didn't feel 2x2 was such a great choice for something that has to hold my weight.

My idea for the new toilet is different anyway. I decided, having seen Eric's design for a toilet ( ) which is pretty much the same as my old design save for one difference. His toilet has a sawdust dispenser beside the throne. As I had no specific place for my equivalent, I redesigned my toilet to include a sawdust dispenser. In the visualization photo, the sawdust dispenser is represented by the red crate. In practice it seems better to switch the toilet and dispenser around.

I cut my 2x4 today and will assemble tomorrow. I should have enough screws of sufficient size though this is not guaranteed. Laid out roughly, the skeleton looks a bit like this.

The wood standing vertically will be spacers. I'm not yet sure whether I'll be trimming things down a bit further. Building things like this is largely trial and error. As it is, there's no space for doors under the bathroom vanity. That's not a problem though. My parents don't have a cupboard under their vanity either.

The aim tomorrow is to complete the toilet. Once that's done, I shall have an operable toilet. The handbasin just needs a bucket to collect water and a water supply - which could be just a jug. I'm getting ever closer to completion.

And I looked up the color of the dinette. It's Sherwin Williams Opulant Purple. I'm pretty close to matching the color for the front of the bus too. What I have is close but not 100% of a match yet. I suspect I won't find a true match and since Carpenter is out of business, they're not going to tell me!

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