Sunday, July 26, 2015

More drawers

It was terribly hot again today but that's every day in South Carolina. I went to the bus in 30 minute sessions again. This time I was defeated at the end of the day not by the heat but by darkness. Indeed the longest day was a month ago and the evenings are noticeably drawing in now.

I corrected the upright I tried the other day and put the hinges in place. I had thought that I'd make the door but wasn't in the mood to do battle with a large piece of hardboard so I went to work on the drawers instead.

I looked at the top right drawer that was stiff yesterday and found it was canted. Changing the position of the screw holding the rear of one slider mostly sorted the cant out and the stiffness. Job done! Actually, it is still slightly canted but only by 1/8 inch over the 12 inches width. I'm really not bothered by that. When I put the faceplates on the drawers, they'll all be square. The faceplates will also hide how warped Lowe's 1x4 is. Some of it has a curve across the 4 inch section!

Doing the individual drawers, I put sides and backs on 4 of the seven. The seventh I'll buy a runner for on Tuesday, along with more 1.25 inch drywall screws. 4 of the drawers took sides made of 1x4. Two will need bigger sides because they are deeper.

One drawer which will be my cutlery drawer was a little too shallow for 1x4 and needed 1x3 of which I possessed none. As I needed but 50 inches of the stuff, I cut down some of my strip of 1x4. I doubt I shall need any more 1x4 for the moment.

I didn't have time to complete the drawer before the light escaped on me. What I'd been doing was gluing and screwing the sides and backs firmly into place. I'd drill the holes in the bottom and one section of the side or back then glue it and screw it in place. Then I'd move to the next piece. Ordinarily I'd have glued and clamped but since I have so much to do and since I can borrow but two clamps, I used screws.

This is a drawer I made earlier with screws and glue. Basically, I have four drawers complete bar the fronts, 2 drawers that need bigger sides which I'll cut from plywood and one drawer that needs to be put together. I'll probably use some thin wood or maybe plastic to make the dividers for the cutlery drawer unless I can utilize my existing cutlery tray. I'm not sure whether I designed the drawers to accommodate it.

So, tomorrow should see the backs and sides on all the drawers I have sliders for. I might even make a start on the fronts! Or I might just work on the cupboard door. The beauty is, whatever task I choose, I'm getting ever closer to completion.

As of now, I need to make adjustments to the toilet, paint the bathroom and toilet, give the dinette a second coat of purple and touch up the white. I need to put up the closet chain, build and paint the bedroom table and paint the cockpit all and closet. I also need to build my saloon doors between the bathroom and the dinette. That's without mentioning the tub mount, doors on the vanity and possibly a shelf or medicine cabinet and tinting the remaining windows.

Then I'll be ready to do electrics and plumbing!

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