Sunday, July 5, 2015

A lot of work

Today, between squalls I did a lot of little things on the bus. Nothing that in itself amounted to much or was in the slightest noticeable but which adds to the small stuff done before. This bus is a collection of little things that add together to complete the project.

The first thing I did was to trim the remains on the last fridge door to size with my angle grinder. One thing I noticed is that cutting thin steel really burns through cutting disks. I suspect it has something to do with physics and the thin edge that's being cut. I'd love to have done physics or engineering but sadly I know my maths wasn't up to it. It's not that I'm in any way dumb - rather that my junior and high school maths teachers turned me off about the subject. So, having trimmed the steel to fit, I painted the cut edges and the face I didn't paint yesterday with white Rustoleum.

While the Rustoleum was drying, I got on with the inside painting, priming the areas that hadn't been touched by the roller. I did intend to start painting with my purple paint but the paint didn't dry fast enough. One of the downsides of latex paint is that it's not very robust. At the time I started with latex, I couldn't find oil based paint. I spotted it yesterday but I'm using latex now. I hope I don't need to touch up that often!

So, while the latex was drying, I cut off the carrier for the tow hook some moron had welded to the front bumper. That took a long time but didn't burn through the cutting disk. That little $15 Harbor Freight 5 inch angle grinder has been excellent value. Initially I tried to cut the welds but that didn't seem to work too well so I just cut the bulk of the bracket off instead. The welds are pretty bad welds. After cutting, I was left with part of the bracket still attached to the front bumper. I sprayed it with rust preventative just in time because half an hour later it began to rain heavily.

Before the rain started, I picked up my fridge door and fitted it into position then screwed it down. Behind it I packed some Styrofoam. I also injected some Great Stuff. I'm beginning not to be too impressed by great stuff. I squirt it into spaces and it likes to come out of the hole it was put in through but doesn't seem to want to spread much behind the hole. It'll even push a stopper out of the hole and still refuse to spread behind.

Having done all that, I fitted the door catch on the door to the cockpit. The receiver was missing so I improvised with a screw. That worked really well! Because the door is warped, the springiness holds the door against the screw. The next thing was to fit some quarter round against the doorframe. That worked quite well.

Finally, I had time for some fun! Tomorrow, the weather being fine, I shall get on with the purple paint. The walls above countertop height and the ceiling will all become purple. The lower walls and floor will be white though I do have some black plastic I can lay down to keep the floor clean. But back to the fun... Never let a silly sign go to waste!

That sign is about as silly as can be. Villains won't read it and won't care. It doesn't apply to me because its my bus.

In other news, while the lack of Facebook generated hits has reduced overall hits. The needing to keep posting in order to maintain Facebook peoples short attention spans took up rather too much time. I'm rather glad I don't have to deal with such a horrid time soak any more!

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