Sunday, July 19, 2015

I'm not an expert

Definitely not an expert at putting on window privacy film! Having said that, it doesn't really matter how it looks from the outside as long as people can't see in easily. I think I'm going to have to order more because the roll is too narrow do do my side windows width wise and too narrow to cut in two and do length wise over two windows. In other words, there's a lot of waste. It's also not going on all that well. It's crinkly and very hard to separate from the backing film so its going on with crinkles and air pockets no matter what I try.

Some would say that I should produce money from my imaginary cornucopia to pay somebody to do it. I say, its an old bus. It's only ever going to be an old bus. It doesn't matter as long as it gives me privacy!

From the inside it really doesn't look too bad. I did another window and then darkness fell together with torrential rain and a thunderstorm. That put an end to work for today. I returned to the house, drenched in sweat because though it was cool outside, it was hot inside the bus.

It's clear to see the difference privacy film has made to the bedroom. It's also freeing my sheet of hardboard that I'd had over the windows for privacy. I'll have to see how long this film lasts before fading.

The paint in the bathroom is dry and today I attacked the cockpit, putting up the last metal sheet and caulking gaps in the closet. I also tidied the cockpit and swept out a lot of sawdust. Everything in there needs a good wipe down with a wet rag and I mean everything. Drivers seat, controls, floor, walls, dashboard etc.

Without a shadow of a doubt I'm rapidly coming toward the end of internal construction! I can't wait to take her out to get her registered as a motor home!

For the first time in 2 months I started the engine. It started in around two seconds! For the first time in 4 months I moved the bus. As the front has single wheels, they tend to sink into the ground so I backed her up, turned the wheel and drove her forward. It appeared she'd sunk 1.5 inches into the ground.

I had a look at changin over the alternator belt but wasn't sure how to so I didn't try. Closing the hood, I felt something prick my arm, looked down and saw a big black fly. I shook my arm and it flew away, leaving me with a puncture mark and a sore arm. There's probably a hornets nest somewhere. I noticed several dead hornets in the cockpit. I'll bet they're either in the air ducts or underneath the bus.

While it rained, I noted I have a leak from one of the windows that I moved. Not a big leak but one that I'll look into tomorrow. The cockpit leak isn't bad since I taped a bag over the roof vent.

Tomorrow? More of the same... Cleaning and window tinting.

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