Saturday, July 4, 2015

Pretty much a nothing day

Today I trimmed the fridge door to a closer approximation of the size needed. It needs further trimming however. As it had sat out in rain overnight, the already cut edges were rusty and had to be cleaned. Cleaning them took next to no time at all. After that I slapped a coat of white Rustoleum on one side. As that had not yet dried by nightfall, I slid the cut and painted door under the bus, rested on a plastic bucket.
As I slid the bucket, I noted tiny ants wandering across the paint. Ants are a major pest in the yard. I've seen them in the bus though not an infestation yet. Someday soon I shall have to fumigate the bus to eliminate any critters. This is one reason why almost all of my wood is pre-treated.

Now the reason I didn't do much was I went shopping. I'd run out of paint - well, white semigloss topcoat anyway. Thus I bought more primer, more topcoat and a nice purple topcoat. The plan for tomorrow is to touch up where I missed with the roller in the angles with primer, to prime the cabinet tops on the unpainted sides and maybe roller the ceiling again. There are also several planks that need white paint that will be used for drawer runners.

If the white is dried in time, I might put a coat of purple. I'm not worried about drips as I have plenty white I can use to cover up. To be honest, I didn't get a problem with drips when I did the bedroom!

One thing I cannot find and I've hunted high and low is the latch plate for the doorframe for my cockpit door catch. I know I had one but I'm blowed if I can find it! I guess I'll have to sit down and make one.

The bus is feeling more complete now I'm going to paint the dinette\kitchenette. I know there's stuff still go do in the cockpit, bathroom and bedroom but I'm seeing progress.

In Lowes today, I chanced on 10x24 screw eyes. At 2 inches they're a bit overlong but should hold a chain quite satisfactorily to the ceiling. The chain I bought has a maximum weight rating of 35lbs though supported every foot of so, this should not be a problem. Hey presto, I have a closet rail! The chain will hang along the ceiling.

Now, as luck would have it, I am out of 10x24 rivnuts. I'll have to order some. I would have used M5 screw hooks but for some weird reason, they're horribly expensive!

It's all getting quite exciting now!

In other news, I doubt my bus will be ready much before August and since my job starts back about August 15th, I might have to forgo my planned trip to Canada to see Eric! I haven't seen him since we attended a wedding some years ago.

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