Friday, July 3, 2015

Painting fast to finish before the paint ran out!

Today I found a lump on one of my painted surfaces from the other day so I pulled and the paint peeled off in a big rubbery sheet. Clearly this latex stuff desperately needs a separate primer. The primer and topcoat isn't priming properly! Fortunately it wasn't more than a couple of square feet that peeled off. The rest was better attached.

Today I started by putting primer and sealer on the kitchenette skeleton and one side of the countertop. It was so warm that it had cured within hours. It took quite a while with my roller and I painted the walls that I didn't paint yesterday.

After the primer had dried I painted with top coat. As with the dinette, inside the kitchenette will be white. I'm so sick of dark unpainted cupboard interiors! Just about everywhere I've lived, the cupboards have been dark an uninviting!

I didn't have enough paint to complete the task and I'm beginning to think I should have hunted harder for oil based paint. The way the latex just peeled was alarming!

Needless to say, I raced to finish the kitchenette skeleton before the paint ran out. Had I had to break, the little left in the can might well have dried up in the can even with the lid on! As it was, I didn't quite have enough paint to do everything but it doesn't look too bad! I even managed to paint the floor with a first coat. The plan is for all floors to be white with a black walkway laid on top.

In other news, Facebook sent me an email that indicated they had not read my response. They demanded a photo ID again. Then it struck me like a bolt of lightning... All this photo ID stuff has nothing to do with security and everything to do with building a worldwide database of peoples names and mugshots. Combine that with facebooks location tracking and insurance on phone numbers for account recovery purposes and you can see where its all going! Facebook is building its position as the biggest marketing, espionage and political control organization the world has ever known! They're bigger than the KGB, bigger than the CIA, bigger than Mossad and with more influence than God!

I am thanking my lucky stars I never put a self portrait online and that I am not now subjecting myself to something quite so evil and invasive. While everybody is having fun, Facebook is collecting vast amounts of personal information. All of that is for sale. You are being sold!

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