Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Not coming out of the closet!

Rather, I'm building a closet. Today was another one of those blisteringly hot days when the temperature inside my bus rose well over 100F. It was the kind of day that had me wondering where the ice age scientists had been prophesying about 20 years ago had disappeared to. To say the soles of my shoes almost melted is an understatement.

Yesterday I installed the uprights and noted one seemed to have a bend. Placing a straight edge on it, proved it was indeed banana shaped. No matter - its not needed as a straight beam. Typical low quality lumber!

In brief spurts I cut and installed two cross members and then cut and installed a sheet of OSB as the lower part of the front wall of the closet. I had to work 20 minutes then head indoors to cool off. The weather is vicious at the moment - too vicious to be able to stay out longer.

Having cut the OSB and installed it, I now have two big bonuses. The first is I now have enough space in the bathroom to work and the second is that I'm that much closer to finishing the closet. All it needs now is for a top piece to be cut and installed and for a door to be constructed. Painting can be done later.

So, aside from drawers in the kitchen and a desk in the bedroom, all I have left to do is the bathroom. That's quite a relief! Actually, the bathroom should be quick to build. At least, I hope it will!

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