Friday, July 17, 2015

Little things that took forever

I only achieved three things today!

The first was to hang the closet door, fitting a catch and a door handle. As the catch rattles, I'm probably going to have to wedge the door when driving or its going to send me potty - assuming the rest of what I've done doesn't also echo and rattle.

The next was to secure the toilet seat to the plywood. I didn't get it quite in the right place but it'll do. I might replace that toilet eventually.

The final thing was to cut some sheet steel. This was the steel that came from the sole seat back. I used my little angle grinder and cut it to fit the space intended. Then having shaped it to perfection, decided to spray Rustoleum rust killer on it. The blasted spay nozzle must've clogged! First off it squirted gas and no rust killer then it gushed rust killer all down the side of the can and into my hands. Now, even though I cleaned up with gasoline, my fingernails still make me look like I'm some kind of born again Goth. I'll have to see if I have a spare nozzle from a used up spray can to replace the nozzle. That usually works!

There was enough rust killer on my hands and pooled on the work surface to complete the task. By the time I'd returned from cleaning myself, the stuff was dry. The next task was to slap some white Rustoleum on the steel.

Not wanting to use a new brush, I found an old brush that had been used for latex paint. It had been washed but as they don't come that clean, it was somewhat stiff. I used that and coated one side and the edges.

In the distance, thunder began to rumble so I called it a day. Tomorrow I want to paint the other side of my steel and possibly fit it. Then I will probably clean out the bathroom area and slap a coat of primer on the walls though I'll probably have to wipe them down with a wet rag first. They are dusty from construction though nowhere near as dusty as the cockpit!

The shower will be interesting to install as I need to find some way if mounting it. I also have to fit a drain!

Rain came down briefly and after it had cleared, I went out and looked again at the toilet. I installed hinges and a handle on the section I removed that goes over the grit bucket and left it at that. I will have to reinstall my hinges on the other part of the toilet when I cut the top in half. For the moment, it looks pretty good. I might trim the wood under the seat slightly just in case but otherwise, its very usable.

I can't really afford to spend too much time on the toilet when there's so much to do. Work starts back in just about a month. I have to get as much done as possible before that. I'm reasonably confident that I'll be able to complete the interior by then. Insurance is coming up too. I need to get enough done that I can change the registration to motor home before I end up having to buy a silly kind of insurance again.

Just as I was locking the bus for the day, I realised I could complete the front of the toilet. I had a 6 foot long strip of 11 inch wide hardboard. I trimmed off a section and nailed it into place. Now the toilet looks a load better!

Tomorrow looks a lot like I'll be fastening the sheet metal in place. It's galvanised so I don't really need to paint but I did because there was a patch of rust that I had dealt with. After that, the marathon act of clearing the bathroom and painting the walls, ceiling and washstand white. The toilet is a paint job in itself. The walls have to be swabbed with a wet rag because of all the dust. I'm definitely getting there!

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