Thursday, July 9, 2015

Hot stuff or how to cut a curve

Today was pretty warm on the bus. The thermometer rose to an interesting 120F as measured out of direct sun, in the dinette. Fortunately,most of the day was spent attending to other matters though I did get time to complete my closet wall. The closet door might be next on the agenda together with priming the closet.

The first thing I did was to carry on from yesterday when I cut a board slightly wider than the closet wall and the same height as the gap (14.25 inches high). I secured the newly cut board to the 2x4 beam installed yesterday to bridge the gap. Then hanging a ruler at 1 inch intervals and marking off 14.25 inches each time, I marked out a curve parallel to the roof. I had to make sure the board was level. Fortunately, I'm pretty sure the bus is level.

After cutting the board, joining the dots with a straight hand saw, the curve was pretty close. A few minutes with a power sander in between trying it in place got the board to the closest match to the roof that I've ever achieved. I'll defy any air molecule to squeeze between the ceiling and the board!

That as a point of interest was the 9th curve I've cut. I never bothered with a template for two reasons. The first is that I don't trust Carpenter's workmanship to be that consistent. The second is that each partition is a different width.

Aside from the closet door, I have drawers and doors to make for the dinette, a table for the bedroom then a toilet and handbasin stand for the bathroom. Then it's pretty much just painting. Electrics and plumbing are simple tasks.

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