Thursday, July 23, 2015

Ooh, look at her drawers!

It was fairly straightforward carpentry and something I'd prepared for, weeks ago. To be honest though although I'd already built one drawer from 1x4 planks, the prospect of building drawers was a little off putting.

It all went well enough though. As I had correctly surmised, the metal washers worked perfectly as spacers. Way cheaper than plastic spacers and I didn't need anything quite as thick as the plastic spacers.

The plywood cut beautifully with the circular saw. Aside from a little trimming on the edges, the drawer bottoms all fitted. One drawer is a little tight but I'm not worried. It'll loosen in use.

I'm using metal runners (cheating) and just to make life easier, after getting it all to fit, I slipped some silicone glue onto the lip that holds the shelf bottom and silicone glued it together. When I work on those drawers next, I'll simply screw the runners to the drawer. The tops I'll like as not just glue together.

Tomorrow I have to rescue a damsel in distress so its unlikely that I'll get to do much on the bus. If I do then I'll probably start putting the other four drawers in.

This bus conversion is a most massive project and my insistence on partitions, doors and privacy has added a lot to the complexity of the task. Had I just slapped paint on, put up window film and hung blinds over windows things would have been faster and simpler. A lot less satisfactory though.

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