Saturday, July 18, 2015

Air conditioning!

It would be lovely to be able to work in a well lit air conditioned garage or bus. Just think how much more work I'd be able to get done in a day. Today, for a long time, I was working clearing stuff from the bathroom which during construction became the general storing and dumping ground.

Amidst all the clearing, I found a soda can full of some strange beverage. I took a break and hurled the thing at the ground, up in the air but all it did was bulge. Not terribly exciting. Then I sought out my old air pistol to shoot it with. I know I had a ton of boxes of pellets but could I find any? Heck, no. That was disappointing.

I swept the floor, noting that the grain side of the plastic planks which was uppermost and which seemed to offer more grip, trapped dirt in the grain. Perhaps I should have put them in, flat side up.

Then I took a break and located another hard brush. This I used to paint the other side of the steel I cut and painted yesterday. I decided i might install that later should the paint be dry enough.

If I was starting the bus from scratch, I'd probably have been better getting one with seats rather than working with an already converted bus. I'd also have taken a different direction in the light of things learned. As the seat back contains a decent sheet of steel, those would have been used to replace unneeded windows.

After sweeping, I sprayed the silver side of the OSB with water then wiped the dust off. I hope this means I won't get a repeat of the experience I had some days ago when a sheet of latex paint just peeled off. Again, if I was starting from scratch, I think I'd have been better off just using ordinary OSB rather than this silver coated thermal stuff. Then I caulked the gaps with llatex caulk for a change.

The next thing was painting. Thank the Lord I had two roller handles because the first one disintegrated, trying to remove the roller. I looked at my roller tray and simply peeled the hardened latex paint out of it. That doesn't exactly fill me with confidence in latex paint!

Painting seemed to take forever as I slowly broiled in my tin oven in the midday sun. Eventually I had covered everything I could reach with a roller. The next thing is to try to get the corners I missed, with a brush.

The skies darkened and thunder began to roll. That pretty much was the end of that for today. Tomorrow I need to touch up what I did today. This is just primer so it doesn't have to be perfect. It just has to cover everything.

Tomorrow, assuming the storm abates, I might start cleaning the cockpit and possibly put primer on. As part of that I might also put the metal sheet on and put insulation behind it. I'm definitely getting to the point of needing blue and green paints for the respective areas.

With all the stuff moved into the dinette, there's little space left. Any more wood cutting and trimming will have to be done outside the bus because of dirt and dust.

The mixing tub that will become my shower base is a little taller than my PVC plank is wide. I had thought of putting the tub in a box made of PVC plank. I'll have to rethink that now. I want to keep wood, steel and water separate for obvious reasons though I'm wondering whether wood might be the answer with wide planks being available fairly cheaply.

No picture today. The storm was upon me before I had a chance to take one. Now it's as dark as midnight despite being but 8pm!

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