Thursday, June 9, 2016

Vorsprung durch Technik

Pinching a slogan from Nazi Germany, progress has been made today. Since my work has shifted from a mid shift to a morning shift, I get plenty time in the afternoons to work on the bus. Well, aside from being on call to help milady.
The first thing I did was to stop off on the way home to buy a piece of copper tubing. The next step was to wind the first coil onto the tube. This time I taped the ends of the coil then sprayed the coil with 3 layers of paint. The result seems to be a coil with far better adhesion. The tube is quite a bit wider than my neodymium magnet but neodymium magnets are easy enough to buy in all diameters and lengths.
The next thing after trimming the mosquito mesh on my new vent cover was to place the vent cover on some steel then to use my fluorescent orange paint to mark the circumference. That worked pretty well. Now this steel is pretty thick which means I should be able to weld attachments to put a removable vent cover.
A few minutes with an angle grinder worked wonders. I now have the tricky task of ensuring the cutout is exactly 4 inches in diameter. That should be trickier. Having said that, only the outside has to be steel. The inside can be aluminum. All that's important is that the system works. As far as powering the fans is concerned, that's a different part of the project. Right now what's important is getting the tubing into place. I know I need extra tubing on the inside but that's again, another task.

The next task will be to complete the electromagnet. That should take about 8 layers of coil. That's not the end of the front door issues yet. As its old and hence sloppy, I'll have to add a guide to make it slip nicely into the receiving slot and incidentally add extra security.

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