Tuesday, June 14, 2016

It's getting quite exciting!

Today there was a tremendous thunderstorm. Enough, in fact, to suggest that my ventilation system does not leak! Thus, I feel good about continuing into stage 2.

As today was a day dedicated to getting milady to and from a doctors appointment, I didn't have work to get in the way. I had taken the day off. Thus I could spend some time in the bus after dealing with milady's issues. Those had me just plain tuckered out at one stage!

On the way home, I stopped off at Lowes (hiss, spit). There, I picked up the final pair of vent caps that will support my mosquito mesh. That was my sole bus purchase today. I must surely be coming to the end of things I need to buy!

Inside the bus, I cut and glued mosquito mesh to the vent caps. Now my fans are 90mm which is slightly smaller than my 4 inch ventilation ducting. Really, I should use 4 inch CPU fans but I'll use what I have.

I connected the installed fan to a PP3 battery and the little fan sucked air out at quite a rate. That's excellent news. What I'd like to do is put a smoke trail but since I'm not a smoker, that's going to be challenging. I believe that two CPU fans running simultaneously should provide quite a throughput of air. There are, however, no data sheets available that give me the cubic feet per minute that my mystery Chinese fans displace. Having said that, at the rate they were going, I'd be surprised if with two running, all the air in the bus wasn't sucked out every hour or so.

The next stage will be to get more PP3 battery connectors from Radio Shack. I'll try running the fans off ordinary PP3 batteries at first. I believe I should be able to get bulk packs, cheaply. If that works, perhaps I can add in some solar panels and maybe rechargeable PP3 batteries.

No photos today. My phone battery was dead due to using it for GPS navigation.

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