Saturday, June 4, 2016

No photos today

I didn't do much on the bus today. Yesterday's work was cut short too and I'll explain why. First though, this is what I actually did do...

Today, after returning home, I did go to the bus. Yesterday I had measured the apertures left by the school bus flashers as being 5.5 inches. Today I measured the plastic pipe that will carry hot air outwards as being 4.5 inch outside diameter. The two drain caps which have holes suitable for decent ventilation have a 4 inch outside diameter shaft that fits snugly inside my piping. There's a flange that is 4.5 inches in diameter. It strikes me that the neck between the flange and the tube could be used to attach the tube into place through a sheet of steel or aluminum with a suitable 4 inch diameter hole. That could be inside or outside. Mosquito mesh could be glued on the outside of the caps, allowing mosquito free ventilation. A vent cap would need to be fashioned to prevent rain or spray from entering but that's straightforward!

Now, the reason work was cut short yesterday was that an ambulance was summoned for milady whose ailments had gained the upper hand. Thus, at 9pm an ambulance was summoned. By 11pm milady and I arrived simultaneously at the hospital. 11 hours of sitting in a room in the Emergency area followed during which I was very glad of the long battery life of my iPad. Needless to say, no sleep was to be had. Two further hours and milady was safely situated in a bed in the hospital having already had at least 4 saline drips and 5 pouches of different antibiotics. Interspersed with that were blood samples, urine samples, ultra sounds, X-rays and radiological scans. By the time I left, an MRI had been scheduled for tomorrow and further tests. The diagnosis so far is that she's responding to treatment, will likely be in hospital for several more days and really needs to be on some form of disability scheme.

Needless to say, after working in the heat of the bus, sitting all night in a humid room having been awoken early the previous morning to tend to milady's needs, I felt sticky, uncomfortable and tired. I was also probably quite smelly and was definitely (in stained, torn overalls) not properly attired. Thus, at 1pm I finally arrived home, showered and changed clothes. Then I had a quick breakfast. I was pretty close to being a zombie. Eventually at 3pm I fell fast asleep, waking at 6pm. After that it was time for dinner. I did squeeze in a quick trip to the bus before the light went.

So, quite busy and eventful. It's doubtful whether I get any work done tomorrow either. Needless to say, this could not have come at a more inconvenient time. Work ended for the summer on Thursday. Just before all this happened on Friday evening, I'd been literally enthroned when my phone rang offering summer work. Not being quick to turn down honest income, I accepted. That threw all my summer plans awry. Then events of Friday evening have me questioning whether I'll be able to fulfill my new work obligations as well as caring for milady when she is released from the hospital.

Tomorrows plans basically are to sort out bills that milady has received, take her fresh clothes and particularly more than just the nightie she was wearing and retrieve the stuff that needs urgent washing. When all that plus assorted domestic chores are complete, I might manage to make a quick trip to the bus but I doubt it.

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