Friday, June 17, 2016

Preparations A thru H

Today, I prepared the final face pieces for the ventilation system. I still have to cut some tubing but that's really not going to take long with my angle grinder. I use two tools for cutting most things - either a circular saw or an angle grinder. So, today I cut out the final octagonal surround for the outside of the vent. I still have to trim swarm though. I also trimmed the internal wood for the internal side. I would rather have used aluminum but I didn't have enough and I'm certainly not buying more materials!
The aim for tomorrow is to complete the ventilation system on the right side of the bus and to put blanks over the remaining two flasher holes. I probably won't rivet plates over the holes initially but rather use self tapping screws. That's just in case I want to work solar panels into the mix later.
On my way home from work, I popped into a service center where they worked on Detroit Diesel and Allinson transmissions. To get a full diagnostic would take 2 to 3 hours and would cost around $230. That seems very reasonable to be honest (whoever said owning a commercial truck was cheap).

Meanwhile, I've been reading up on CPU fans. It seems that they mostly displace 25-90 cubic feet of air per minute. I don't know most of the specifications of my fans but I'm guessing about 50 cubic feet and about 130ma power consumption. It will be interesting to see how much air is shifted by both working together. It will be more interesting to see how temperature is controlled too.

I tried my solar panel on the fan that's installed. It really didn't blow as hard as on batteries. Even on freshly charged capacitors it didn't run very powerfully. I'm just getting the feeling most of this funky, fancy electronic and electrical stuff is just garbage. Well, we'll have to see how it all works out.

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