Sunday, June 26, 2016

The access panel.

Yesterday, the cord for one of the front top markers disappeared inside the bus. Today, I cut a rather large access hole and installed an access panel. Some further work like that would get me access to the front flasher wires which I could switch from the control panel now that the flasher control is not present. I'm not sure what I'd do with them but it's a possibility.
Today, the foam boards were in place all day. There was a marked difference in temperature. Although the ambient temperature was not over 93, the interior temperature universally wasn't that high.
The cockpit was 100F which is lower than the normal 120. Indeed, it felt cooler. The galley was the warmest place though why, I'm not sure.
Although the given temperature is 93F, the high point was 104F. The recorded temperatures were all done at the same time. It does indicate that my windscreen shields really seem to have attacked the heat problem. Perhaps combined with my vents there might be even greater effect. Beyond that, introduction of outside air might help.
As can be seen, the bedroom temperature was pretty close to the current galley temperature. It does look very much as though I'm getting closer to outside temperatures.

And there we are - the reason for all of today's work and the advances in insulation. The replacement top, front marker lamp. And the astounding cost of this component. Just $2.50!

Maybe by next week I might have a working door unlocker. I know I'll have to have another look at the rear light units. The brake lights are very dim. That sounds a case for new brake light units. I'm definitely getting closer to completion.

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