Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Playing around

I didn't so much as achieve anything today as try a few things. That was largely because I was very tired having only slept an hour the night before there was a reason for that.

After milady was whisked off to hospital on Friday night, she was prematurely ejected from the hospital on Tuesday. She is in no way capable of looking after herself. Hospital staff had to lift her into my car. There was no way I nor anybody else could lift her out nor carry her at the other end. She does not receive the quality of care she needs because I have a job and don't get paid if I neglect it. That leaves her care down to her disabled mother when I'm not around. I cannot lift milady as she weighs double my weight and I'm not light. Needless to say, the hospital used to be run by the nuns of st Augustine and used to be excellent. Now it is owned by some dodgy outfit that puts profit before patients.

Thus, things are now done in five minute segments when I'm not needed for other duties. Don't even mention Obamacare as that only exists in states that have expanded Medicaid to support it. South Caroline's heinous excuse for a Governor refused to expand Medicaid and thus millions have no access to healthcare.

So, today my zener diodes arrived. I'm going to try to put a zener diode into the cooling fan circuit to see whether I can eke a little extra value out of my solar panel. Today though I just put the panel and two fans together. It all worked very nicely.

I had a go at spraying the coil on my brass tube with paint in the hope of securing it better. If it works then I can spray paint between coil windings to hold them in place. The paint used was questionable however.
Another thing was to glue mosquito mesh over the vent covers I bought. That should work well. My biggest issue will be to drill 4 inch diameter holes. The vent covers will be easy enough to construct. I'm planning on getting at least one of the vents installed this weekend.

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