Friday, June 24, 2016

Dripping with sweat

After work today, I went to work on the bus console. It took quite a while but I removed the flasher motor with all its connections. Looking at the connections, I'd guess I could reuse the cables easily if I wanted. As you've probably guessed, I'm 50:50 over reusing those cables.

I have two thoughts about the cables. The first thought is to run the extraction fans from bus power while in motion though solar could run the fans too. The second is to use the wires to use solar power to keep the bus batteries refreshed.

Today though, I spent a rather hot, steamy, sweaty hour removing the flasher motor and it's wires and associated switches and lights. One switch disintegrated during removal. I'd guess most of the switches are ripe for replacement.

Having removed it all, I found the 4 holes left are all half inch diameter. Now I know what size blanks to buy to fill unused holes. Next, I switched the bus lights on in order to check for unpleasant surprises. All the lights worked bar one of the three top rear markers, one of the three top front markers and one tail light. I'll try new bulbs in the top markers. The tail light needs replacement. I suspect the brake lights do too. I've had problems with that tail light before.

No photos today. I just didn't feel removing junk was constructive enough to merit it. Another thing I did was to remove one of the two school bus specific signs inside the cockpit. This was the rules for bus riders. It peeled off easily. The no handguns sign is not coming off so easily. It's some kind of metal foil that keeps tearing. I'll nail it though!

This weekend I'll work on my door opener magnet. If it works as desired, fine. If not then I'll try a different system using an electric motor.

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