Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Two advances but little progress

I had another go with my solar panel and after flicking the fans manually, they did kinda sorta spin. It was a feeble, half arsed attempt at spinning that moved no air whatsoever. Clearly my 5W solar panel falls into the realm of deceptive advertising and fakery. I have officially had it with solar. It's one of those nifty ideas like pyramid shaped tea bags that serves no useful purpose whatsoever. Sure, they probably work well in space where there are no clouds and perpetual sunshine. Here on earth, no. They're just a scam.

I had quite an argument with somebody today over the uselessness of Toyota putting solar panels on the roof of their latest hybrid. By the time the added weight of solar panels plus the fact they get very hot, causing the car to get hotter and hence use more AC are factored in, they rapidly become a negative feature. Needless to say the twit I was discussing this with had been sold on the cannabis-induced delusions of the green movement and failed to see logic. Back in caveman days that sort of person would call the act of rubbing two sticks together as heresy and claiming only God could make fire.

So, after the fans had shifted no air whatsoever and had stopped spinning despite bright sun, I took the panel down. Henceforth everything will be battery powered! This green stuff doesn't actually work and runs the danger of burning my fans out.

I then looked at my electromagnet but couldn't find my enameled wire in order to add a third coil. Thus, I put it to one side after a long hunt and pulled out my two ventilation fans. The replacement fan the hillbillies had bought has the wrong mount. Close inspection revealed that it might be possible just to switch the mount from the old fan to the new one. There, I hit a snag. I couldn't find a spanner small enough to fit the nuts.

In my hunt for a suitable spanner, I chanced upon my coil of enameled wire. Within a few moments I had wound an extra coil onto my magnet, taped both ends and coated it with the first of 3 layers of paint.
My eye then alighted on the dead auxiliary fan and the fan the hillbillies left in the bus. As the hillbilly fan didn't have the correct fittings, I pulled the motor from the old fan and switched the motor in from the other fan. Testing the hillbilly fan, it seemed to spin. After assembly, I tested the fan. It spun a few times then quit on me. It had clearly been cut from another vehicle. It doesn't surprise me that it doesn't work. I'd already written it off as trash anyway.
Finally, I relocated my untested peltier setup. I tried it on 12v and one side became very cool almost instantly. The other side became rather warm.  I don't have much use for such a power hog though. It burns 60W which would be the fantasy output of a very big solar panel. A 105ah battery would run that cooler for just 12 hours! It's another one of those fantasy devices like solar panels. They work in a fantasy world but nit the real world.

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