Friday, June 10, 2016

Minor work

Today, not much was done on the bus. It was another night of little sleep. This was caused by the periodical needs of milady for a bedpan etc. Yes, she really is that sick. Indeed, by the end of the day her fever was rising. Clearly Providence hospital ejected her a week before she should have been. This reeks of rank incompetence! Not only that but the nurse and physical therapist promised by the hospital never called nor ever showed up.

So, today, being very tired I did not do much. I put more magnet wire on the copper tube so now I have two layers. After that, I added more spray paint. A couple more coats of paint and I will try to power the magnet. If I'm right, the way to do this will be to charge a capacitor then run the charge through the coils.

Tomorrow, being the weekend, I will work on two of my projects - the ventilation and the electromagnet. I'll probably switch from one to the other as I complete stages such as painting. How I'll cope with tomorrow's 100F weather, I'm not sure. I know it's getting vital that ventilation is installed now.

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