Thursday, June 23, 2016

More bloody electronic whizz bang codswallop

As you might have guessed, I'm not a great fan of electronic wizardry. This is purely because so much electronic stuff is absolute trash. Anyway, I played more with that ghastly solar panel today. Putting the power into a capacitor then connecting the fan produced quite a breeze from the fan. That was quite useful. What I need now is to find when the capacitor is full and then put that power through my fan before switching back to charging the capacitor. It would mean an intermittent fan but that's better than no fan or using a fan that needs a battery. It should be possible. Indeed my long gone high school electronics knowledge indicates it should be easy. I just can't remember how. My excuse there is that I left high school over 30 years ago.

Actually, given how nasty my experience of high school was, I'm surprised I remember anything. I recall my science teacher was Mr Pugh and that my favorite math teacher was Mr Gorman and the sexiest English teacher was Miss Browne. I was constantly bullied throughout high school because I was not in the least interested in football, motorbikes or any of the other macho garbage. Bizarre but that was Britain!

So, I'm going to have to find my book on electronics, wherever that might be. I've had a hunt online and not found anything described in enough detail for me. I did try some forums but abandoned them when I realized nobody there knew anything about electronics. It's the same for most forums - people that pretend to be experts while looking up wrong answers from other forums or if the can't find an answer then the person asking a question is the recipient of a tirade of abuse.

Another thing I did was to add another coil onto my electromagnet. I'll stop at 8 coils and retest. Two coils produced enough power to rattle a spanner placed on top of the permanent magnet that is being ejected from the coils. I figure 8 coils might produce usable power. I can keep adding coils. If all else fails, I can go for a DIY plunger powered by an electric motor. Electrically that's much simpler and more in line with my thinking on this electronic junk.

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